10 January 2020

Scratch & Patch Careline – Improved for 2020

We have some exciting news for the new decade. 2020 is all about improving our service to you and your pet, enhancing our offering and ensuring you get the best use of the product we supply.

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19 December 2019

Handbags presents and your pets at Christmas

Christmas is a great time of the year for us all, we all get together and spend hours with or families and our pets enjoying games and opening gifts.

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17 December 2019

What not to feed your pets at Christmas Time

We all love Christmas food and fun, but you need to be vigilant around our pets at Christmas, especially if they like to steal your food.

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14 December 2019

Keeping pets safe at Christmas

Delicious smells, inviting decorations, sparkly trees and lots and lots of food, are treats for us but can be irresistible to our pets too.

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25 November 2019

How to teach children to be kind and safe around animals

Children are curious; they want to explore and touch new things. Most animals are naturally wary of children as they can be loud and unpredictable

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