11 February 2020

Can’t get cover for your pet’s pre-existing conditions? See if Scratch & Patch can help …

Launched at the beginning of February 2020 Scratch & Patch’s unique Champ products have been developed to allow pet owners to have insurance cover for their pet’s pre-existing conditions following an online medical screening process.

Scratch & Patch is the first pet insurer to offer online screening of your pet’s pre-existing conditions. We will give you an instant decision on whether we can insure your pet’s conditions or whether we would offer cover excluding those conditions.

Either way, you will receive a quote for our Champ policies … so you know exactly where you stand and the cover being offered.

Once you have completed the quotation process you will be offered a choice of 3 levels of cover and the outcome of the medical screening in a clear format.

The quote process is really straight forward and the screening doesn’t require specialist veterinary knowledge, you will be asked questions which navigate the Scratch & Patch policies which meet your needs.

Champ is available for all pet’s that have pre-existing conditions and where you are not awaiting a review for any new or unexplained symptoms. We’ll of course be able to quote once you’ve got a diagnosis from your vet in this situation.

Unfortunately, we can’t cover all conditions, for example those are persisting for a long time or recurring, those where test results are outstanding or where you haven’t yet consulted a vet.

Scratch & Patch Champ policies are leading the way in providing pet insurance for pre-existing conditions why not get an instant quote online today?

Scratch & Patch

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