The best Christmas presents to give your pets this year

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We have collated our favourite pet brands you can treat your pets with this Christmas. Pets are part of our family, why shouldn’t they get presents too?


Hiro + wolf

These stylish dog accessories were first created in 2013 when two dog lovers met in a park in London. The brand was named after the two owners’ dogs. Since then, they have created a beautiful range of collars and leashes for everyone, even the most stylish pets. They even have bow ties for special occasions! All of their products are either designed in house or ethically sourced through their travels. Not only are they super stylish, but durable too.

Lucky for you, they are part of our Festive Season Giveaway. You could win a bow tie and collar for your pets if you enter. Have a look at their wide range of products to see what will suit you and your pets best.

2. Chommies

These beautiful leashes and collars are sold through their UK based store Hadeda. Their signature leashes and collars are made from rope. They come in a wide range of colours that are accented with brass and leather details that will look good on any dog or cat.

Pet Care


This top UK based dog food brand will deliver dog food straight to your door. The order process is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. By creating a profile for your pet you will get tailor made food suited to your dog’s needs. This high quality food is coupled with convenience to bring your dog the best food for them that supports good dog health- from tummies, skin and shiny coats, to joints and more! They are part of our Festive Season Giveaway. You could be the lucky winner of a three month supply of their great dog food and not to mention your pets elation with their delicious new food. From there you will automatically be part of the monthly subscriptions which can be cancelled at any time.

2. The Republic of Cats

Continuing with another top UK based pet food brand, will deliver cat food straight to your door! The food is tailored to your cat’s lifestyle to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need. We all know cats can be a bit fussy, that is why there are 8 delicious flavours of wet and dry food to choose from. Republic of cats have added to your convenience by giving you an option for a “Taster Pack”. This allows you to see what your cat likes before deciding on a suitable feeding plan for your next delivery. The cat food will be delivered to your door every 30 days on subscription which can be cancelled at any time. By entering our Festive Season Giveaway you could win your cats a three month’s supply of cat food. You will automatically have monthly subscriptions which can be cancelled at anytime.

3. PitPat

This is the ultimate activity monitor for your pets. Most of us wear smart devices on our wrists these days to track our movements throughout the day and how much exercise we are getting. We all want our dogs to be as healthy as possible so why not monitor their activity too? Not only can you monitor the activity from their app but you can manage their weight and also see how much exercise your dog is getting while it is getting looked after by others. This gift is a must for all dogs this year. This gift is a must for all dogs this year. PitPat is another amazing partner in our Festive Season Giveaway.

4. K9 Connectable

These educational toys are designed for dogs with high energy levels. They help to keep them mentally stimulated while simultaneously releasing some of their energy, feeding them treats and taking care of their teeth to reduce plaque build-up. There are three variations of the toy for every type, age or energy level of your dog.

5. Groomi

This grooming tool is designed to remove dead hair, dust and dandruff from pets’ fur. It is gentle but very effective and not to mention very satisfying to do. We all know how important grooming is to keep our pets coats clean, untangled and looking shiny. Fun fact about Groomi, they were on Dragons Den!



This is a one stop shop for all of your personalised pet related needs… and we really do mean all of them. They have everything you may need for your pets from food bowls, aprons, beds, advent calendars and so much more!

One of our personal favourites are the story books personalised to your pets. A whole book dedicated to your pets, where you can look for them. You could be lucky enough to win this in our Festive Season Giveaway! Enter here to stand a chance to win.

2. Dogsy

We all take pride in our pets, if you are like us, you have endless pictures of them being their adorable selves. Dogsy will take your pets face and turn it into anything you may need- shirts, pants, socks, cushions, you name it, they’ve got it. Luckily, for you, they are another amazing partner that is part of our Festive Season Giveaway.

3. Paw princess

At Paw Princess they specialise in matching sets for you and your furry friends! These sets include a bandanna for your pets and with comfy leggings for mum to match. Not only do these look adorable when you are taking your dog for a run or walk but they are so comfortable when walking around the house.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of our favourite pet products; we will certainly be purchasing some for our furry friends. While you are treating your pets, why not give them the ultimate gift, pet insurance. That way they will be covered should accident or injury occur. Have a look at our wide range of cover levels to find cover that suits you best.

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