23 January 2019

How Brexit Will Affect Pet Passports

This is your 2-month warning.

No deal Brexit and The Pet travel scheme (PETS) – if you are intending to take your pet abroad after March 29th  2019, it’s worth being fully prepared to prevent travel disruption or disappointment!

What is PETS?  Under the EU Pet Travel Scheme, owners of dogs, cats and ferrets can currently travel with their animals to and from EU countries provided they hold a valid EU pet passport.

If there’s no deal, pet passports issued in the UK would not be valid for travel to the EU.  Owners will still be able to travel to Europe with their pets but additional steps may be required in order to secure the necessary documentation.

PETS helpline (0370 241 1710)

Plan ahead

  • It is important that you contact your local surgery as soon as possible for an update of any potential new requirements. Please note: Not all vets are able to issue pet passports so it’s best to check with your practice when you book the appointment.
  • Ideally, you should allow a minimum of 4 months before the intended date of travel to make sure you are able to meet any new requirements. Therefore if you are intending to travel on March 30th 2019 you will need to speak to your veterinary practice no later than 28th November 2018!
  • The rules for taking your pet to any EU country will change if the UK leaves the EU with no deal. Pets would continue to be able to travel from the UK to the EU, but the requirements for documents and health checks would change.
  • New requirements may include an up-to-date rabies vaccination followed by a blood test to demonstrate sufficient levels of rabies antibody (checking the vaccine is effective) Blood tests would need to be carried out at least 30 days after the vaccination has been given and must show that the vaccination has been successful. Owners must then wait at least three months from the date of the successful blood test before travelling.
  • The pet would be required to see an official Veterinarian no more than 10 days before the date of travel, to obtain a health certificate.


Further information can also be found on the government website.


Don’t forget to contact your vet at least 4 months before you plan on travelling to any EU country with your pet.

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