4 April 2019

How does pet insurance work in the UK?

We are a nation of pet lovers.

For us, our cats and dogs are our families and their care and maintenance is one of the most important things we do on a daily basis.

At some point in your pet’s life, you’ll probably need to find good veterinary care for your pet.

Pets can often get illnesses or suffer injuries that need medical attention.

Some issues can be minor and some can be life-threatening. The costs can begin to mount up and you can end up paying out a lot of money, but don’t worry, we’re giving you our best tips to protect your pets and your bank accounts.

That is why we suggest that you always get your pet insurance on time so it’s there when you need it.

When should you get pet insurance?

Ideally, as soon as your pet joins you and your family in his or her new home.

Many policies can’t be taken out until the pet is five weeks old but this is usually when puppies and kittens are weaned anyway, and before many go to their forever homes. 

If you adopt a pet from a shelter or charity, again, it is worth taking out cover straight away to protect your cat or dog from the beginning.

Benefits of pet insurance in the UK:

• You have a peace of mind that your pet is safe and will be well taken care of
• You know how much the costs will be to you and how much costs will be handled by the insurer
• Your pet will get adequate care and be treated as a valued pet
• Some policies include third party cover in case your pet damages property or injures people

(Cover will vary by insurer so always make sure you check thoroughly and understand what you are buying to ensure that the cover is right for you and your pet).

Some tips to save you money

• Get your pet microchipped
• Keep up to date with vaccinations and know their schedule so you don’t miss any
• Multi-pet discounts, it’s always better to take advantage of this
• Have your pet spayed or neutered

If you’re ready to take out pet insurance, or looking for a better deal, you can get a quote here, it takes just 3 minutes.

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