Can I switch my pet insurance to Scratch & Patch?

Yes, if you are already insured and you switch to Scratch & Patch we won’t enforce the waiting period on your policy. However, we will not cover any pre-existing conditions your pet already has when you switch to Scratch & Patch.

Do you cover pre-existing conditions?

No, all pre-existing medical conditions are excluded. Our definition of a pre-existing condition is as follows; Pre-existing condition: An injury or illness that:

  1. Happened or first showed clinical signs,
  2. Has the same diagnosis or clinical signs as an injury, illness or clinical sign your pet had,
  3. Is caused by, relates to, or results from, an injury, illness or clinical sign your pet had,

before the start date of your pet’s first period of insurance (inception) or before the date the cover level on your policy was increased. No matter where the injury, illness or clinical signs are noticed or happen in, or on, your pet’s body.

What are the age limits?

Your pet must be at least 5 weeks old when your policy starts.  There is no upper age limit but please note that the excess increases and cover for death, euthanasia and loss and recovery ends when your dog reaches the age of 8 or your cat reaches the age of 10.

Is my pet covered straight away?

Yes, cover starts straightaway. However, except where you are switching your cover from another insurer, a waiting period of 14 days will apply to claims for illnesses which means that illnesses starting within that period will not be covered.

Do Scratch & Patch charge a fee to set up my policy or during my policy?

In addition to the insurance premium charged by the insurer, we will make the following charges for our services:

Cancellation of your policy unless this is because your pet has died,£30

A change to your policy,£20

We also receive commission for our services from the insurer in addition to the individual service charges, shown above, to cover the administration of your insurance policy.

Who insures the Scratch & Patch policies?

We arrange pet insurance cover through two insurers HDI Global Specialty SE (formerly International Insurance Company of Hannover SE) and Hiscox Insurance Company Limited, however your insurance will only be issued by one of these. Your insurer will be clearly shown in your policy documents and will be advised before you start or renew a policy.

Do you offer advice on which policy to buy?

You will not be provided with advice or any recommendations relating to the purchase of a policy from us, but you will receive sufficient information on the product to enable you to make an informed decision on whether it meets your demands and needs.

Will my premium stay the same each year?

We will review your cover each year before offering to renew your policy. This means that based on the information you have provided to us, your pet’s age and medical history, any claims made and future expected treatment and claims costs, we may change the terms and conditions of your cover, your premium or not offer to renew your policy.  However, in most cases, premiums will increase with the age of your pet and if any claims have been made

Will my policy automatically renew?

Your contract may automatically renew each year. We will contact you before the renewal date so that you can make an informed decision about your policy and contact us if you do not wish to renew.

Will I have to make a coinsurance payment towards the cost of a claim?

No, unlike most pet insurers our policies do not have a coinsurance or co-payment. This is an extra percentage of the claim which you must pay yourself – typically 10% to 20% of the claim amount after the excess has been deducted – depending on the insurer. With Scratch & Patch you will only have to pay the excess.

How can I change or update my bank account details?

The best way to do this is to call our contact centre on 03301026839 and we’ll help you update the records. Alternatively you can make the changes yourself at; and then email us @ letting us know you’ve made the change with your policy number so that we can make sure that the transfer goes smoothly. If you do not email us the process will not be completed and our records will still show your old details and this will mean that you premiums are not collected.

Will you post my documents to me?

Your policy documents are available online and will be emailed to the email address provided to us. It is therefore important that you provide us with a valid email address and you keep us informed if this changes. If you want your documents posted as well you will be able to request this as part of the proposal process. You can also ask at renewal or during the lifetime of your policy; please contact our customer service team who can arrange for this for you free of charge.

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