Pre-existing conditions pet insurance

Our Champ plans allow pet owners to get insurance cover for their pet’s pre-existing conditions following an online medical screening.

As well as pre-existing conditions, these plans protect your pet from accidents and new illnesses your pets may develop.


What is pre-existing condition pet insurance?

Pre-existing cover intends to provide cover for medical issues that a pet already has.

While we might not be able to cover every condition, we don’t operate a flat yes or no either like other providers. Our comprehensive cover is based upon your answers to medical questions we ask.

By telling us details of your pet’s illness and treatment to date we can tell you whether we can cover them.

So whether you’ve been unable to get insurance due to your pet’s pre-existing conditions, or if you’re just looking to switch for a better deal we could help.


Our pre-existing cover levels

We have 3 levels of pre-existing conditions cover, which provide vet fee cover ranging from £2,500 up to £8,000.

Champ 2.5Champ 4.0Champ 8.0
Cover limit of £2,500 reinstated each year.Cover limit of £4,000 reinstated each year.Cover limit of £8,000 reinstated each year.
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Why choose pre-existing cover with us?

We were the first insurer to offer online screening of your pet’s pre-existing conditions, allowing us to give you an instant decision on whether we can insure your pet’s conditions or whether we would offer cover excluding those conditions.

Our online medical screening gives us a comprehensive view of your pet’s condition and allows us to cover some pre-existing conditions which competitors might automatically exclude.

As a member you’ll also receive a number of benefits such as access to our 24/7 pet Careline and a simple way to claim where we can pay directly to your vet.

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Switching from another provider

78% of UK pet owners* would consider switching insurers if their pre-existing conditions would continue to be covered. We’ll tell you immediately if we can cover your pet and what’s more we won’t impose a waiting period when switching to us.

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Pre-existing condition cover protects against…

Pre-existing plans cover vet fees for accidents and illnesses that your pet already has or may develop whilst under cover. We have 3 cover levels with £2,500, £4,000 or £8,000 of vet fee treatment covered per year.


…and what’s not covered?

In some cases there may be some pre-existing conditions that we are unable to cover. For example those that are persisting for a long time or recurring, those where test results are outstanding or where you haven’t yet consulted a vet. We can tell you during your online quote.


Pre-existing cover FAQs

How are pre-existing conditions defined?
Our definition of a pre-existing condition for our policies is; Pre-existing condition: An injury or illness that:

  • Happened or first showed clinical signs,
  • Has the same diagnosis or clinical signs as an injury, illness or clinical sign your pet had, Is caused by, relates to, or results from, an injury, illness or clinical sign your pet had, before the start date of your pet’s first period of insurance (inception) or before the date the cover level on your policy was increased. No matter where the injury, illness or clinical signs are noticed or happen in, or on, your pet’s body.

Do I need to declare all my pet’s pre-existing conditions, or just the ones I want to cover?

You will need to declare all the conditions your pet has in order for us to understand their overall health. This allows us to determine whether or not we can cover your pet. Any pre-existing conditions which you do not declare will be excluded from cover.

In some cases you might find that we are unable to cover your pet’s pre-existing conditions, even if that’s the case then we may still be able to insure them and you’ll be shown the options available.

Can I get a quote whilst my pet is having a symptoms reviewed?

No, if your pet is still awaiting a diagnosis or a review of their health then we won’t be able to provide you with a quote until that review or diagnosis is confirmed.

Is my pet covered straight away?

Yes, cover starts straightaway. There is no waiting period for accidents.

If you’re new to insurance or have had a gap between your previous cover then there is a 14 waiting period on illnesses. Any illnesses that start during this time will not be covered.

However, where you are switching your cover from another insurer we will not impose the 14 day waiting period for illnesses.

Will I need specialist knowledge about my pet’s conditions?

No, our quote process is straightforward and the screening doesn’t require specialist veterinary knowledge, you will be asked questions about your pet’s conditions which can then identify which policies meet your needs.

What’s an excess and how does it work?

An excess is a compulsory payment made by you.

Our excess also depends upon the ages of your pet. Dogs under 8 and cats under 10 will have a £75 excess per claim, whilst over these ages the excess is £200 per claim.

Under our Champ product we may impose an additional excess for accepted conditions.

If you claim under the Third Party Liability section of cover then the excess rises to £250.


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* Pet Insurance Survey February, 2016

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