10 January 2020

Scratch & Patch Careline – Improved for 2020

Happy New Year to you all, from Scratch & Patch.

We have some exciting news for the new decade. 2020 is all about improving our service to you and your pet, enhancing our offering and ensuring you get the best use of the product we supply.

As a result of this we have worked with ‘The Vet Connection team’ to provide further enhancements to their Careline 24/7/365 offering.

This 24/7/365 service will now include ‘live chat’ in addition to the current telephony service.

We all know that your pet’s accidents and illnesses have a habit of happening at the most inconvenient of times and usually not within your Vet’s usual opening hours, this can be costly to you and use up valuable cover from your insurance.

The Vet Connection who provide the 24/7/365 Veterinary health triage, help and advice service for the Scratch & Patch “Careline”, have been operating for over 16 years providing accessible, convenient, cost-effective and high-quality Veterinary advice.

When you are worried about your Pet, we know you require a speedy response, which is why the Careline RCVS Registered Veterinary Nurses and Vets are available 24/7/365 via telephone and live chat – ‘no appointments’ are required, and at no additional charge to you, as a Scratch & Patch policy holder.

All you need to do is:

Call our Careline number on 0333 332 1926

Or to live chat 24/7, just use the following link


The Nurses will triage and discuss whether an immediate visit to your Veterinary Practice or Veterinary Hospital is necessary. If you contact them out of hours and it is not an emergency, they can help you through the night, so that you can see your Vet in the morning. This will also retain the important vet’s fees cover you have to enable you to use this against treatment not visits.

Our 24/7 pet health service is great for:

  • When you need assistance late at night
  • You are away from home or just on a walk in the park with your dog.
  • If you need to see a Vet and you are away from home, we can find you the nearest Vet.
  • If you just need a supporting and empathetic Veterinary Nurse to speak to, we are always there.

Our Nurses offer help and assistance on a wide range of subjects including:

Poisons, possible symptoms; Help to manage chronic conditions; Wellness care; Behavioural issues; Diet and changing foods; Exercise; Veterinary results; Buying a new puppy or kitten; Moving house with your pet, through to seasonal pet care “do’s and don’ts” and health check-up advice.

Please do call or chat with the Careline Nurses.

Scratch & Patch

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