11 January 2019

Your Pets’ New Year’s Resolutions

Get back in shape

2019 is our year! No more lazy afternoons on the couch or quick walks around the block after dinner. This year, we’re getting our jawlines back and bringing our humans along for the ride. We don’t want anyone getting soft in his or her old age (ahem).


Keeping it Down

Ok we admit it… barking at the postman, the cat next door and the hedgehog in the back garden (that guy is always taunting us) is really fun, but hearing complaints from the neighbours or getting told to pipe down by our humans isn’t. This year will be the year of speaking only when told to or to protect our families (naturally).


Staying Calm (and not carrying on)

Let’s address the elephant in the room, one of our other favourite things, jumping up on people when they come over, seems to always make our humans mad. Instead of getting doors shut in our faces or waiting to pet us until we settle, let’s try to stay cool, calm and collected from the very start and try hard not to jump on anyone — especially after we’ve had a really fun time rolling around in the back garden.

 Teach an old dog a new trick.

Every year we commit to taking up a new command, but this year, an old dog is going to learn some new tricks! We promise to listen to your wise teachings (as long as there are treats involved).

What are your new year’s resolutions? 


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