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Welcome, come on in...

Who are we and why are we here?

We want to provide pet insurance that your pets will love you for. We established this ambition in 2016 as an alternative to other pet insurers.

For people new to pet insurance it’s not always the easiest to understand. We try to simplify what it means and how it works. The outcome results in clear, comprehensive cover that meets the needs of you and your 4-legged friends.

So whether your Afghan Hound needs accident only protection or your Labrador needs lifetime insurance, see how we can help.

Who are Scratch & Patch

Scratch with small Patch right

Say hi to Scratch. She’s our feline mascot. A bright, smart and cool character. Like all cats she’s sneaky, always keeping us on our toes. Plus, when she’s not snoozing, she’s sniffing out food and scratching the furniture.


This is Patch. He’s our canine friend. A happy-go-lucky chap and a lovable character. He’s the energetic reverse of Scratch, which makes them perfect partners, after all – opposites attract.

Patch and small Scratch

Meet the team behind the characters

Ian Rayland - Scratch and Patch Managing Director

Ian Rayland

Managing Director

Ian is our MD, he has been a dog and cat owner for over 35 years … also some fish, guinea pigs and a stick insect along the way.

He has a cat Domino and new Cockapoo pup, Lyla, has just arrived following the sad departure of Saffy a much-loved family Cocker Spaniel after 14 years.

A keen football supporter and player, he has also taken up yoga, pilates and tennis.

Jacqui Buchanan - Head of Operations

Jacqui Buchanan

Head of Operations

Jacqui has worked in pet insurance for over 25 years.
She had two cats for 16 years, Rover and Smokey, but since they passed away she enjoys her son’s Weimaraner, Bonny. They are known as the Velcro pet. They love sitting on you and being up close and personal.

Jacqui loves to travel, walk and has recently got back into cycling…but who knows how long for.

Joseph Kesser

Joseph Kesser

Head of Data Analytics

Joseph joined us in 2019 after completing a Masters degree in Microdata Analysis (Data Science) in Sweden.

Before joining, Joseph worked in general insurance, private health and the charity sector. In his spare time if he’s not travelling then his head can normally be found in a book.

Steven Watling - Head of Digital Marketing

Steve Watling

Head of Marketing

Steve joined us in March 2020 having joined us from Vitality where he headed up search engine marketing.

In his spare time Steve is a keen tennis player and does a little bit of coaching on the side.

At home he’s got 2 cats called Maxwell and Zara. That’s Max climbing all over him!

Amy Gerber

Amy Gerber

Marketing Executive

Amy joined the team as a Marketing Executive after graduating from university. Before moving to London, she lived in South Africa with her five cats and two dogs which she misses more than her family (Don’t tell them that!).

During her spare time Amy enjoys travelling, exercising or curling up on the couch with a purring cat.

Callum Smiley

Callum Smiley

Customer Service Manager

Callum has been helping customers for the past 5 years, and joined the Scratch & Patch team in October 2019. When he’s not on the phones and managing the service team he’s out running and spending time with his daughters. His cat Baby Girl (Callum didn’t name her!) also can be seen milling around at home, although when it came to this photo seemed to go a bit camera shy.

Sarah Glenc

Sarah Glenc

Group Account Manager

Sarah has been part of the Scratch & Patch team since August 2018. She’s very busy in her spare time raising her little 2 year old son who certainly keeps her on her toes. Sarah loves animals and hopes to get a dog some day to give her little boy his first best friend.

Scratch & Patch claims team

Our claims team

Based in Elland our dedicated claims team is made up of experienced claims management and ex-veterinary professionals. Combined experience of over 40 years and a number of veterinary and animal qualifications, it’s a team full of pet lovers including 11 dogs, 6 cats, 2 budgies and Trevor the tortoise!

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