Pet nutrition and diet

The latest news an views on the best way to ensure your furry friends get the nutrients they need to live a healthy life.

Raw feeding for dogs

Raw feeding for dogsTime to read: 4 mins Raw feeding is commonly known as Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. This food has not been heat processed before being fed to your…
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Tips For A Pet Safe BBQ

Tips for a pet safe BBQTime to read: 5 mins Barbeques are popular over the summer months and enjoyable for all the family. However, we need to be aware of…
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Black and white dog snacks

Choosing the right pet food

There are so many pet food options these days. We have narrowed down some different options for you, plus some lovely local pet food companies that are worth a try
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White cat staring

Cats fussy drinking habits

When it comes to drinking, most dogs aren’t very picky. But cats, well they are typically much pickier about their water sources. We look at why this is.
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Cat with empty food bowl

Dry and wet pet food

Choosing the correct food for your pet can be an overwhelming experience. With so much information and differing opinions, it can be difficult to know what is best.
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Cat lying on side

Cats and milk

We have seen cartoons since our childhood that show cats having milk from a saucer. We have seen it in films, TV, paintings and even children’s cartoons. This idea of…
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Husky high fiving

Best food for dogs

Key to dog nutritionOur guide will help to find the right pet for you and how to prepare yourself and your home for the arrival of your new 4-legged friend.…
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