Dry or wet pet food - which is better?

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Choosing the correct food for your pet can be an overwhelming experience. With so much information and differing opinions, it can be difficult to know what is best. There are no right or wrong answers, just personal preference.  Do your research before changing to any new diet and always wean from one food to another to limit any tummy upsets a new food may cause.

Wet and Dry Food

The ingredients of dry food vary considerably depending on what brand you are feeding but the content, calories and nutritional qualities of commercial pet foods are all regulated by law in this country. Dry food is easier to store, lasts longer once it has been open and is more cost-effective. Most veterinary professionals would recommend dry food over wet food as it slows down the progression of dental disease; it’s easier to measure which can help with weight control and its bulkier as it goes through the digestive tract making the stools firmer.

The quality of wet foods (cans, pouches, trays etc.) has improved dramatically over the past few years.  Wet food has a much higher moisture content which can be handy for dogs and cats who need to stay hydrated. Cat’s tend not to drink a lot of water so feeding them on a wet food helps keeps their urinary tract in good working order.  Older pets who have teeth missing or have facial injuries do much better on wet food as its easier for them to eat and pets with delicate digestive systems do well on wet food as it is easier to digest than dry food

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