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Dog and cat breed guides

Explore and uncover everything you need to know about your favourite dog and cat breeds. From Labradors to Corgis, find out what makes them tick and why they’re such good company.


Guide to Dachshunds

Their little legs, long boddies and bold characters have stolen our hearts. We have everything you need to know about fiesty Dachshunds.
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Guide to Pugs

Are you a lover of pugs? We have the ultimate guide to what you need to know about owning and raising pugs.
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Siamese Cat Walking on Bed

Guide to Siamese Cats

Everything you ever wanted to know about Siamese cats from their health concerns, playful nature, who to follow on Insta and how cat insurance could help.
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Bengal Cat Lies Down

Guide to Bengal Cats

What makes Bengal cats such a popular pedigree cat in the UK? Well we think it’s their beautiful colouring and lovable nature, but take a look for yourself and how…
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Border Collie Stare

Guide to Border Collies

Learn everything you need to know about these gorgeous and energetic dogs. Originally bred to herd sheep they have now stolen the hearts of their owners across the country.
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Brown Cockapoo

Guide to Cockapoos

Find out everything you need to know about raising a Cockapoo and what makes them so popular. Learn about what food is best for them, exercise and health issues. Plus,…
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Black Labrador Retriever on Bed

Guide to Labrador Retrievers

Learn about what makes Labradors Britain’s most popular dog breed. Their nutrition, exercise, temperament, health conditions, and why insuring your Labrador could be worthwhile.
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