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Guide to Cockapoos

Time to read: 7 mins

Key Stats

Life expectancy: 10- 18 years

Height: About 28 cm

Weight: 5-10 kg 

About Cockapoos

Cockapoos are a hybrid dog breed made up of a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle. They were the first “designer breeds” created. Given there are three types of poodles and two types of Cocker Spaniels the different combinations of each of these breeds will result in Cockapoos of different sizes, colours, textures and personalities. The size of the cockapoo largely depends on what poodle it is bred with. These include; standard, miniature and toy poodles. There are also two types of Cocker Spaniels: American and English. They are very similar to one another but differ slightly in their looks.

Although Cockapoos are known as a new breed they go back as late as the fifties. They first came from America but have gained huge popularity in the UK.

Factors to Consider

Before introducing a new Cockapoo to your home there are some factors to consider. They hate being left alone and have been known to have separation anxiety. It is important to make sure someone is around during the day to keep them company. They are small dogs that are easy to train and well behaved. This makes them a good option for a first-time dog owner. Since they are small, they can live in apartments and smaller spaces, provided they are able to exercise and play outside at least once a day.

Cockapoo on a lead


They are very playful and have puppy-like behaviour even into their old age. They are friendly, loving and loyal which makes them great family pets. Generally speaking, they don’t have a problem with children or other dogs if they are trained correctly. They have a good reputation, but it is hard to predict exactly what sort of temperament the dogs will have. They could have the relaxed nature of a Cocker Spaniel or the feistiness of a poodle (especially if it is crossed with a miniature one).

Price to Own a Cockapoo

They are not purebred dogs, but they are very popular which increases the price. You can expect to pay around £1000. There are other costs throughout the year to include too. Some of these include:

  • Microchipping
  • Vaccinations
  • Neutering
  • Flea treatments
  • Leash and collar
  • Food, treats and bowls
  • Toys
  • Beds
  • Grooming
Black and Brown Cockapoo

Ease of training

Cockapoos are very intelligent dogs which makes them easy to train as they pick up many tricks and commands quickly. It is important to socialise them from a young age as part of their training. This will teach them manners and allow them to have the company they require. If this is not done, they can be badly behaved and adopt barking tendencies.


They are going to require daily exercise.  At least 15 minutes every day is recommended. It is important to exercise them to ensure they do not get bored and destructive from having too much unused energy.


Cockapoos have high grooming needs thanks to their curly coats which require trimming and brushing to prevent shedding. Wire brushes are recommended as they get through the curls, although even with regular brushing, cockapoos require trained grooming every 1-2 months. This is to trim their coats and make sure it is not matting. Removing mats can be a long and painful process for a Cockapoo so it is imperative that it is avoided.

Health conditions

Having a hybrid breed means they can have all of the health issues that spaniels and poodles get. Usually these are much less severe than the purebreds. Overall hybrids/ crossbreeds are healthier than a pedigree dog.

Cockapoo Health

1.Eye disorders: Dry eye and corneal ulceration are two potentially painful conditions. These conditions can be genetic.  A corneal ulcer can be caused by an injury to the eye. Some dogs need treatment for life to keep the eyes healthy. Surgery is occasionally required.

2. Otitis: This is a skin condition in the ear. It is very common in breeds with ears that flap over. The skin inside the ear stays moist and attracts bacteria, yeast and parasites. Sometimes it is caused by allergies and occasionally it can cause an ear infection. Keeping the ear canal clean and dry is the best way to stay on top of this. Some signs of this are dogs shaking their heads, scratching their ears or a smell coming from the ear. If your dog is showing these symptoms, it’s best to let a vet have a look.

3. Heart Disease: Some cockapoos are born with heart disease (congenital) and some develop it later in life (acquired). This describes any condition that affects how the heart pumps the blood around the body. Early diagnosis of this condition is vital to prevent or delay the progression into heart failure which could be fatal. Depending on the type your dog has you may be referred to a heart specialist (cardiologist) for further testing and treatment.

4. Skin allergies: Many different breeds suffer from skin allergies.

These allergies can be caused by:

  • Inhalation from the environment such as pollen or grass
  • Consumption such as wheat
  • Direct contact such as washing powder or flea bites.

Skin allergies are usually itchy and painful. They can lead to more complicated skin issues if left untreated. Generally, there is no cure but with the correct testing and diagnosis medicine can be taken to make your dog feel more comfortable.

 If you would like any more information on your Cockapoo or conditions it may have, please call one of our Registered Veterinary Nurses on the Scratch and Patch Careline.


Cockapoos are prone to obesity but, luckily, they are also very energetic. It is important to monitor what they eat to ensure they are getting a healthy amount of the nutrients they need whilst not gaining an unhealthy amount of weight. They are going to need food for small-medium dogs. Getting food that is made with natural ingredients is generally a better option and there are many choices on the market, so you will have to do some research to find out what food is best for your Cockapoo. There are foods tailor made for Cockapoos and ones for allergies. The choice depends on your Cockapoo and what their needs are.


Cockapoos are thought to be a healthy breed of dog. You can be fairly confident if they are bought from a trusted breeder with the medical history of both parents. Having this information will let you know if there are any conditions your puppy could have that you should be made aware of. It is a good idea to insure your Cockapoo from a puppy because younger animals are cheaper to insure. This is largely due to the fact that they are less likely to require treatment and have no claims made for them. Often conditions do not show up until later in life. Insuring your Cockapoo from a young age will mean any issues that may arise will be covered through your insurance provider. While genetics can give you an idea of what conditions your dog may have, there could be medical bills that are not foreseen.

Although it is recommended to insure your Cockapoo from a young age it is not required as older dogs can get insurance too.

See how we can help you to insure your Cockapoo today.

Cockapoo inspiration

Due to their lovable nature, some Cockapoos are becoming stars in their own rights on Instagram! A few of our favourites for inspiration are:

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