Pet guides and how-tos

We’ve pulled together some longer read guides to pet care and well being.

Renting with pets

Renting with petsTime to read: 3 mins Our pets are part of the family but being a pet owner and trying to rent a property has not always been straight…
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Raw feeding for dogs

Raw feeding for dogsTime to read: 4 mins Raw feeding is commonly known as Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. This food has not been heat processed before being fed to your…
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Exercising your dog

When adding a pet to your family make sure they are purchased from a reputable breeder. Have a look at signs of breeders you should avoid.
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Summer BBQ Tips With Pets

HomeGuidesSummer BBQ Tips for PetsTime to read: 5 mins With the summer months nearly upon us our team of Registered Vet Nurses from the Scratch & Patch Careline offer these…
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Types of Dog Categories

There are seven different categories of dogs which were all bred for different reasons. Have a look at which category your dog falls under.
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Buying Pets Illegally

When adding a pet to your family make sure they are purchased from a reputable breeder. Have a look at signs of breeders you should avoid.
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Scratch&Patch- pedigree dog

Pedigree Dog Insurance

Find out about pedigree and purebred dogs, their cost, common medical conditions and how pedigree dog insurance can help protect them.
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German Shepherd

Guide to German Shepherds

Thinking about getting a German Shepherd? Our ultimate guide helps you understand everything from buying, socialising and caring for one of the most intelligent dogs in the world.
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Black Cats and Halloween

Black cats are surrounded in superstition. If you are lucky enough to own one you will soon realise they are a great addition to any family.
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Guide to Dachshunds

Their little legs, long bodies and bold characters have stolen our hearts. We have everything you need to know about feisty Dachshunds.
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Guide to Pugs

Are you a lover of pugs? We have the ultimate guide to what you need to know about owning and raising pugs.
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Siamese Cat Walking on Bed

Guide to Siamese Cats

Everything you ever wanted to know about Siamese cats from their health concerns, playful nature, who to follow on Insta and how cat insurance could help.
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lab puppy

Puppy Training Classes

Puppy training classes are a necessity, especially if we we are planning to take our dogs out. They teach our puppies valuable life skills.
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Guide to Border Collies

Learn everything you need to know about these gorgeous and energetic dogs. Originally bred to herd sheep they have now stolen the hearts of their owners across the country.
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Grey and white cat looks scared

UK Pet Insurance Survey 2020

We’ve looked into the changing attitudes towards pet insurance and the ever evolving needs of customers across the UK. Uncovering what’s important to cat and dog owners when looking for…
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Pedigree cat insurance

Learn more about how pedigree cats differ from moggies, from their health, diet and cost. Plus, why pet insurance can help to protect them from hereditary illnesses and diseases.
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Vaccinations for your pets

We all know vaccinations are important to keep our pets safe. Here, we have everything you need to know about vaccinating your pets throughout their lives.
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Tabby cat yawning

Dental cover for pets

Not all pet insurance offers dental cover, you’ll need to do you research but our guide will help you uncover how dental insurance for pets works and what you need…
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Guide to Cockapoos

Find out everything you need to know about raising a Cockapoo and what makes them so popular. Learn about what food is best for them, exercise and health issues. Plus,…
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Guide to Labrador Retrievers

Learn about what makes Labradors Britain’s most popular dog breed. Their nutrition, exercise, temperament, health conditions, and why insuring your Labrador could be worthwhile.
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Cat behind sofa

Accidental damage cover for pets

Cats and dogs aren’t always the most predictable creatures. Accidental damage insurance is there to protect you from public liability claims made against your pets. Find out more about how…
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Pet insurance for older cats

Typically older pets are over 10 years old and will be more expensive to insure because of potential medical conditions. Find out how you can get your senior cats insured.
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German Shepherd

Dog Theft Awareness

Dog theft is a sad but present danger. Guard yourself and your pet against theft with these simple techniques and find out how insurance can help you in the event…
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Dalmatian lays next to owner

What is pet insurance?

Pets are a key part of many of our lives, they are members of our families. So explore how pet insurance can help to protect their health and wellbeing.
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Cat in suitcase

Travelling safely with pets

We all remember seeing that beautiful dog with its head out of the window and their faces blowing in the wind, we all sigh and laugh and say “ah look…
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Poodle Pup after wash

How to wash your dog

Dogs and puppies get into all sorts of mischief and you probably will find you need to wash them more often than you thought! 
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Cat lying beside book looking up

Introducing a new cat

Bringing a new pet home can be an exciting time for us but its usually quite stressful for our furry family members.  Don’t expect them to be best friends straight…
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Dog sleeping in sunshine

Pet insurance for older dogs

Pet insurance for older dogs and cats can be harder to find. This is because an older animal is more likely to require treatment and is more prone to diseases.…
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Pug wrapped up in a cloth

Why dog insurance?

Vet bills can be expensive, often running into thousands of pounds depending upon the treatment needed, so insurance can help to protect you against those unexpected costs. Find out more.
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Sleeping tabby cat

Why cat insurance?

Cat insurance is there to protect your pet against injuries and illness that they may suffer from. Vet bills can be expensive. Depending upon the treatment your cat needs costs…
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