Pet well-being and wellness

Advice and news on how to make sure that your pets are happy and healthy, from physical health to mental well-being.

Ticks on dogs and cats

Sometimes it is hard to detect subtle changes at home as cats are very good at hiding illnesses, but here are some tips for identifying when things aren’t quite right…
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Dog with vet

Understanding Parvovirus

Vets are seeing an increase in parvovirus cases in puppies that have been bred by unscrupulous breeders in poor conditions, both in the UK and imported from abroad. 
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Care for dogs in snow

Our pets can find this time of year difficult to handle when their senses are being bombarded with deafening bangs and bright flashes. How can they be cared for at…
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Pet Allergies

Allergies are caused when your pet’s immune system is triggered by an allergen. See what you can do to help your pet fight their allergies.
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Introducing a New Pet

It can be a big change when introducing a new pet to your home. We have some tips to make the process easier and what you can expect from it.
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Pet theft awareness

As pet ownership increases, unfortunately pet theft has risen with it. Have a look at how you can be vigilant by keeping your pet safe.
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Pet Straying

Lockdown saw an increase in pet ownership that sadly lead to more pets being returned to shelters or straying. See what you can do to help.
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Pet Supplements

Supplements help reduce joint pain while keeping pets coats glossy. Have a look at what you should know before giving your pet supplements.
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Why does my dog scoot?

HomeWhy does my dog scoot?Why do dogs scoot?Time to read: 8 mins Picture the scene. It is a beautiful sunny day and you are out in the park for a…
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Cute friendly dog lying near feeding bowl on floor in room

Dogs and chocolate

Most people know that chocolate is extremely toxic to dogs and should be avoided at all costs. It is a molecule known as theobromine which is prominent in cocoa, and…
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