Pet fitness and exercise

Interesting and inspiring ways to help your pets get the exercise and fitness they need to lead a healthy life.

Exercising your Puppy

While puppies are growing they should not go for long walks or over exercise. Have a look at what you need to know about walking your puppy.
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Mental Exercise

We all know the importance of exercise for our pets but are they getting enough mental exercise? Read our tips to exercise your pets mind.
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Overexercising your Pets

We all know that exercise is important but too much of a good thing can be dangerous to our pets. Have a look at how to protect your pets.
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10 best pet-friendly UK staycations

With lockdown making international travel difficult, it provides an opportunity to explore the beautiful spots of the UK. We’ve compiled the 10 best staycation locations and dog walks for you…
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Exercising your Cat

No matter what type of cat you have they are going to need their exercise. Here we explore everything that is needed to exercise your cat both indoor and outdoors.
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