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Our member stories

Explore our very own member’s experience of Scratch & Patch as well as their own advice and experience of pet ownership.


Meet Anna & Opal

Have you ever heard of a St Berdoodle? It is a St Bernard cross poodle, that is what Opal is. Have a look at what a loving breed they make.
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Meet Annie & Remy

Meet Remy, a dog brought into her family to show them that dogs are to be loved, not feared. She is a great addition that is extremely loved.
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Meet Ian & Fleur

Meet Fleur, a lovely Whippet and great companion. See how she overcame health issues and uses her rapid speed and good looks to score treats.
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Scratch&Patch pepper

Meet Gail & Pepper

Meet Gail and her cat Pepper. These two have a strong bond and are the best of friends even though Pepper keeps her mum on her toes!
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Meet Helen & Franc

Meet Helen and her Frenchie, Franc. This photogenic little guy has a cute face and a large personality to match. He loves cuddles and walkies.
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Meet Leanne & Nana

Meet Leanne and her beautiful Boxer, Nana. Read about how pre-existing pet insurance saved Nana from a lifetime of pain in her hip.
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Meet Rebecca & Toby

Meet Rebecca and her adorable Shih Tzu, Toby. He is a funny little character with a huge personality. He makes his mum laugh on a daily basis!
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Meet Sarah & Nugget

Meet Sarah and her incredible dog Nugget with a heart of gold! See how his temporary placement with her led him to finding his forever home.
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Meet Olivia, Rocco & Cannon

Have you ever heard of a frug? This French Bulldog and Pug cross is called Rocco. He lives with his bestie, French Bulldog Cannon. They get up to all sorts…
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featured image

Meet Alison & Hugo

Meet Alison and her charismatic dog, Hugo. He is a talented guy who loves football and flowers! Although large, he is a big softie at heart.
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Cat cuddles

Meet Annie, Maddy and Trixie

Annie (6) and Maddy (4) share their favourite stories about Trixie, their beloved cat. She is a mischievous little thing that keeps her family on their toes!
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German Shepherd puppies

Meet Afif and Max & Rex

Afif tells us about his two adorable German Shepherds that he introduced to his home over 3 years ago. He shares the most rewarding thing about owning a dog and…
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Coco the Frenchie and Sam the German Shepherd

Meet Jill and Coco

Jill tells us about how Coco became part of her family and found a best friend in their German Shepherd, Sam. She shares her advice and experience on owning a…
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cat on chair

Meet Kelvin and Percy & Patsy

Meet Kelvin and his two beautiful cats, Percy and Patsy, who have both had traumatic injuries but came out of it fighting. They have adapted to their new normal and…
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Zara featured

Meet Judith and Zara

Judith tells us all about how she choose her gorgeous ginger cat Zara and shares her advice on adding a feline companion into the house.
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Thea - German Shepherd

Meet Chris and Thea

Meet Thea, the German Shepherd. Learn more about her life saving vet treatment and how she’s bringing joy to the whole family. Told by her owner, Chris.
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Hugo staring at camera

Meet Lyndsey and Hugo

Hear from Lyndsey on her experience with us, her top tips on adding a pet to the family and get to know her French Bulldog, Hugo.
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