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Giancarlo, Sophie & Otis

Time to read: 8 mins

What made you get your pets in the first place?

I always had pets growing up and couldn’t wait to have one as an adult. I couldn’t have one until I got my own place, with a garden and lots of space for them to play.

How did you choose French Bulldogs?

I’ve always been in love with Frenchies, ever since I saw a picture of one about 20 years ago. When I went to get Sophie, I knew I had made the right decision as soon as I laid eyes on her. It was love at first sight.

What is the most rewarding thing you have found about owning a pet?

The unconditional love and affection.

Have you encountered any problems (illnesses, behavioural, social) with Sophie and Otis?

Yes, due to the extensive inbreeding associated with French Bulldogs, we have had quite a few trips to the vet. Even Otis who is a pedigree has had a range of issues requiring medical treatment over the years. Issues ranging from BOAS surgery to Anaphylaxis to Corneal Ulcers, we have done it all!

What is your top tip for people thinking about adding a pet to their family?

Do your research and get the best insurance you can afford. This is a living creature and you have a responsibility to ensure that is looked after and given the best life possible. If you can’t commit to that, then don’t get a pet.

Do you have any funny stories to share with us about Sophie and Otis?

Sophie was our little princess for the first year and half that we had her. I still remember the look on her face the day we brought Otis home, she was horrified! She was so jealous at first and all Otis wanted to do was win her affection. After a few weeks, she warmed to him though and now they love each other. Although sometimes I am sure I can see her plotting how to get rid of him, especially after a particularly stubborn game of tug of war.

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