Renting with pets

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Our pets are part of the family but being a pet owner and trying to rent a property has not always been straight forward.  There are some recent changes to law that may bring an end to all of that however, and we will aim to give you some updated guidance and information to help your rental journey.

In a bid to make renting fairer and to address many issues within the rental market the UK Government introduced new rules and legislation in June 2022. The aim is that responsible tenants with well-behaved pets will now be able to access rental properties much more easily. From June 2022 landlords will as standard now have to consent to having pets in their properties. They can no longer issue blanket bans on pet ownership. A landlord can object to a written request from a tenant to have a pet, but this must be done within 28 days, and they must provide a good reason. The tenant now also has the legal right to challenge this decision.  An example of declining a pet could be where the size of the property makes keeping a large pet impractical.

The new rules also mean that letting agents and landlords cannot charge higher deposits for owners wishing to keep pets. Your landlord could now because of these updates request that your pet is insured with a suitable pet insurance policy. This would be to provide a means of protection for your landlord so they can cover for loss or damage caused by your pet during your tenancy. It’s important to check specifics with your landlord or letting agent in advance.

New rules have made pet ownership while renting more transparent and hopefully easier. It is vital to always practice responsible pet ownership while renting and to conduct research before undertaking any tenancy agreement to make sure it meets your needs as a pet owner.

If you would like any more information on this or any other pet health related queries, please contact our 24/7 vet Careline

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