Black Cats and Halloween

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Black cats have a lot of superstition and myths surrounding them. If you are lucky enough to own one of these lovely felines you will quickly realise, they are a lovely addition to your family. These myths go back as far back as the middle ages and are particularly prevalent around Halloween.

It was thought witches could morph themselves into their black cats as a disguise. Whether or not you believe in the superstitions, you have definitely heard something along the lines of, “It is bad luck for a black cat to cross your path”. As the rumours of witchcraft spread throughout the world, black cats became synonymous with them. Anyone owning a black cat was thought to be a witch and was in danger of being burned at the stake. Now, however, we know that black cats are just as lovely and full of personality as any other cat.

While trick or treating won’t be quite as busy this year, it will return next year, and as such it’s important to take extra care of your pets around this time. Black cats in particular are at higher risk of being harmed during this time, but as there are more people on the streets at night dressed in various costumes that might inadvertently frighten your feline friend. As such it may be sensible to keep your pet indoors on Halloween night.

Black pets are difficult to adopt

There are more black cats in shelters than any other colour. One of the reasons black cats are not adopted as frequently as other colours is because their dark fur makes them difficult to photograph. This means they do not look as appealing as other colours would on flyers, adverts or in images for social media. The Telegraph reported the Bristol based cat rehoming centre, The Moggery gets many specific requests when wanting to adopt a cat, not to have a black cat. The main drive for this request is that they are not photogenic and are difficult to get a good picture of when taking snaps for social media, specifically the selfie. Without the correct lighting their facial expressions and features are not very distinctive. Because of this, shelters are overcrowded with black cats.

Where it is possible, adopt pets from a shelter and avoid shopping. Don’t forget to take the black pets into consideration. Some shelters are weary of people adopting black cats over the Halloween period and may choose not to allow adoption during this time.

 5 Famous black cats

We love black cats with their inquisitive personalities, glossy coats and piercing eyes. Their striking looks have allowed them to feature in many TV shows and movies be it in real life or cartoons. We have a list of some of the most well-known black cats.

1. Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Salem made a name for himself as Sabrina’s sidekick in the 90’s show and now again in the show’s recent reboot. He became a crowd favourite with his quick remarks and witty comments.

2. Sylvester from the Looney Tunes

He is best known for his feud with Tweety bird and his trademark lisp. He is technically a tuxedo cat because of his white tummy.

3. Blackie

Blackie is the world’s richest cat. His owner died and left him £7 million with instructions for cat charities to look after Blackie. Blackie’s owner was a recluse who owned multiple cats, they were like family to him.

black cat

4. Lucifer from Cinderella

Lucifer was Cinderella’s stepmothers’ cat. Just like his owner (and his name) Lucifer was one of the villains of the movie. He spends his days trying to catch Cinderella’s mouse friends.

5. Catwomen

Catwomen is part of the Marvel group. She is powerful but also mischievous… like most black cats tend to be.

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