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Guide to English Springer Spaniels

Time to read: 8 mins

Key Stats

Life expectancy: 12-14 years

Height: 50 cm

Weight: 18-22 kg

About Springer Spaniels

The English Springer Spaniel is a loyal and affectionate breed. They were originally bred to be hunting dogs to “spring” or flush the birds out of the field. There is evidence of Springer Spaniels dating as far back as the 16th Century. Since then they have become popular dogs that form strong bonds with their humans. There are two different kinds of Springer Spaniels- bench and field. The field Springer Spaniels are used for hunting and have a much lighter coat than the bench. Bench Springer Spaniels are best known for being show dogs. They have been quite successful and are one of the most decorated breeds of show dogs.

ss puppies

What to consider when owning an English Springer Spaniel

They crave company and can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for too long. Someone should be at home during the day to keep them company. If they are left alone for too long, they could become destructive and potentially cause harm to themselves. Springer Spaniels will love being around their families and included in all the family activities, so be sure to include them in your adventures.

Ease of training

Due to the fact they were bred to work with humans, they are intense people-pleasers. This accompanied with their great intelligence makes them a dream to train. They are very friendly and keen to socialise so puppy training classes will aid them in learning good manners early on.


While Springer Spaniels are perfect house dogs they can live in large spaces as well as smaller ones, provided they get daily exercise. Their exercise can be in the form of a long walk, game of fetch or swim. It does not matter where they get their exercise from as long as they get it. A healthy dog is a happy dog.



Since these dogs are purebreds, they can be expensive depending on their lineage. Where possible, adopt instead of shopping. You can expect to pay around £1000 for an English Springer Spaniel. This is just the cost to purchase one, there are other costs included throughout the year too. Some of these include:


English Springer Spaniels come in a range of different colours. Their long hair means they require regular brushing. This is done to maintain their coat by removing all excess hair and mats that may occur. Due to their hair being long and curly it has a tendency to mat. Removing the mats can be painful for them. To maintain their coat it is best to brush their fur almost every second day. Occasionally their fur is going to need to be trimmed. This can either be done by a professional groomer or their owner if they feel confident enough.

Springer Spaniel health concerns

Like all pedigree dogs they do have a few breed specific conditions you should be aware of.

SS health concerns

1. Otitis

This is a skin condition in the ear. It is very common in breeds with ears that flap over. The skin inside the ear stays moist and attracts bacteria, yeast and parasites. Sometimes it is caused by allergies and occasionally it can cause an ear infection. Keeping the ear canal clean and dry is the best way to stay on top of this. Some symptoms include dogs shaking their heads, scratching their ears or a smell coming from the ears. If your dog is showing signs of these symptoms it is best to let a vet have a look.

2. Gastrointestinal Disorders

Most dogs will suffer from a gastrointestinal (GI) tract issue at some point in their lives but some breeds are more prone to it than others. GI disorders present as vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach pain, constipation, bloat, flatulence or passing mucous in their stools. Some dogs are sensitive to certain food types but the most common reason for GI issues in Springers is due to their huge appetites. They have a habit of eating things they shouldn’t which causes toxicity or foreign bodies in the GI tract. If you suspect this is the cause of an upset tummy in your Springer Spaniel, then contact your vet straight away.

3. Hip and elbow dysplasia

Medium and large breed dogs can be more prone to this genetic condition. The cartilage in the bones of these joints develops abnormalities that make the joint unstable. This causes lameness, swelling and pain. Long term anti-inflammatory medicine, physiotherapy and sometimes surgery is needed to manage the condition.


Pet insurance for Springer Spaniels

Although English Springer Spaniels are generally a healthy breed you never know what might happen as they get older. Find out how we can protect your pet from accidents as well as illnesses that might befall them.

When thinking of insuring your Springer Spaniel, it is best to do so from a young age as younger animals are usually cheaper to insure. This is largely due to the fact that they are less likely to require treatment and have no claims made for them. Often conditions do not show up until later in life. Insuring your Springer Spaniel from a young age will mean any issues that may arise will be covered through your pet insurance provider. While genetics can give you an idea of what conditions your dog may have, there could be unforeseen medical bills.

Although it is recommended you insure your Springer Spaniel from a young age it is not required as older dogs can get insurance too.

See how we can help you by getting a quote today.

SS jumping

English Springer Spaniels of Instagram

It is undeniable that English Springer Spaniels are a very photogenic breed. It is because of this they have very popular accounts on social media with a large following. Some of our favourites are @wharfedale_spaniels, @biscuit_the_springer & @buddy_englishspringer

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