It depends on the complexity of the claim you’re making. We try to deal with all claims as quickly, efficiently and accurately as possible. The easiest and most efficient way to submit your claim is online here. Please ensure you have the following documentation and information to hand:

  • Your policy number and Policy Schedule.
  • The full medical history for first claims.
  • An up to date medical history for continuation claims.
  • A fully itemised invoice for each treatment.
  • Full name and address for any treating vets.
  • If claiming for injury or illness, you will need details of the condition start date and the treatment dates.

You will be asked a series of questions to help us establish what has happened, however if any further information is required, we will contact you or your vet directly. Your answers will be automatically saved (unless you clear your browser before submitting) and you can resume your claim at a more convenient time. Please provide as much detail as possible, to enable us to progress your claim quickly and efficiently.

Your claim should be notified to us within 60 days of any incident or treatment. You should then submit all information and documentation as quickly as you can so that we can process your claim. We will not pay any claims for vet bills that are 12 months old or older when they are sent to us.

You can also find more information about claims, or steps you can take before making a claim, here. If you have questions over your claim or require an update on an open claim you can contact us on or call us on 0330 102 6839 and choose option 3.