We would only cancel your policy for a valid reason. Examples of where we may cancel your policy would be:

  • If you pay your premium in instalments and an instalment remains unpaid 15 days after the due date. Before we cancel your policy, we will write to you in order to give you the opportunity to pay any premium due to us.
  • If it is determined during the period of your pet’s policy, such as when you make a claim, that your pet’s details and medical history has been knowingly mis-stated at policy sign up.

If your policy is cancelled or comes to an end for any reason, all cover for your pet will stop on the date the policy is cancelled and no further claims will be paid. Scratch & Patch will, provided you have not made a claim, return any premium you have paid for any period of insurance remaining. In this event, the period of insurance will equate to the period for which premium instalments have been paid by you.