10% multi-pet insurance discount

Enjoy a 10% discount on your pet insurance when you insure two or more pets with us.

Benefits of multi-pet cover

Our multi-pet discount protects all the pets in your household. By insuring 2 or more pets with us we’ll give you a 10% discount off your total insurance premium. The discount applies to our Bronze, Silver, Gold, Prime, Premier and Premier Plus products, and is deducted when calculating your quote.

Existing member wanting to add a pet?

If you already have a dog or cat insured with us and are looking to add a new 4-legged friend to your plan, you can contact our customer service team on 0330 102 6839 to add them to your cover.

Additional benefits to make life just that bit easier

Alongside the immediate cover you’ll get by joining us, there are a number of other benefits of being a member.

  • You’ll be joining a community of over 20,000 pet owners
  • 24/7 access to our vet careline
  • Quick and efficient claims with over 94% of all claims paid in 2022
  • Switching without the wait

Common multi-pet cover FAQs

Do I have to add 2 of the same animal?

No, you can add any number of dogs or cats to the same plan and the discount will still apply.

Can I add a second pet half way through my plan and still get the multi-pet discount?

Yes. When you add a second pet mid-way through your current plan your 10% discount will be automatically added and you’ll receive the discount to ongoing premiums.

Does the discount increase if I insure 3 or 4 pets with you?

Unfortunately, regardless of if you insure 2 pets or 10 pets with us, the cover discount will be 10% of the quote price.

How can I add another pet to my policy?

Existing members can add another pet to their policy at the same level of cover by contacting our customer service team.

What form does the discount take?

The discount is applied at the point of purchase, so you’ll see it as a 10% reduction on your overall monthly or annual price.

Will I have 2 different renewal dates if I add a pet mid-way through the plan?

No, as both pets will be on the same plan you’ll have one renewal date. If you were to take out two different policies then the renewal dates would be different but you would be ineligible for the multi-pet discount.

Can I have different cover levels for my two pets?

No, for multi-pet policies both pets will need to have the same level of cover

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