Lifetime Pet Insurance for French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are some of the most popular dogs in the country, they’ve risen in popularity greatly in the past few years. They are fiercely loyal dogs and, whilst only small in size, they have big personalities and quickly endear themselves to the whole family.

What insurance is suitable for French Bulldogs?

As pedigree dogs, French Bulldogs are susceptible to complex conditions which can be expensive. as such it might be best to look for a pet insurance policy that offers cover for ongoing conditions. Lifetime pet insurance could be a good option as it reinstates your vet cover limit each year meaning you’ll be able to claim for the same conditions each year that you keep the policy running.

Key features of lifetime pet insurance

There are 3 levels of lifetime cover we offer, Prime, Premier and Premier Plus. They provide cover up to the following limits.

  • Vet fee cover limit: £8,000
  • Cruciate ligament treatment: £2,000
  • MRI / CT scan: £2,000
  • Alternative treatment: £1,000
  • Dental treatment: £8,000
  • Diet food: £100
  • Behavioural treatment: £500
  • Payments for death: £1,500
  • Loss and recovery: £1,500
  • Emergency boarding: £1,000
  • Holiday cancellation payment: £2,500

For full information and policy wording please review our lifetime pet insurance.

Common conditions in French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are pedigree breeds, and typically pedigrees do suffer from more medical conditions than crossbreeds. With Frenchies, there are a number of conditions they could suffer from but the most common conditions we see are:

Corneal ulcers

These are particularly prominent in French Bulldogs due to their big, round and protruding eyes which make them more likely to become infected or injured. If untreated corneal ulcers can result in blindness.

Signs of an ulcer include blinking, squinting or rubbing the eye. It can be quite difficult to see the condition because as the ulcer travels deeper into the eye, the pain may lessen because there are fewer nerves deeper into the cornea, but actually this means the condition is getting worse this is particularly the case in brachycephalic (flat faced) breeds like French Bulldogs.

Costs for eye treatment can range from £390 for ulcer treatment to £1,200 for cherry eye, up to £1,750 for corneal grafting1.


Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) is not exclusive to French Bulldogs, but is a very common condition found in flat faced dogs. In fact, it is the most common condition that we pay out claims for.

Signs of BOAS include laboured, loud or heavy snoring. Likewise, heavy panting or laboured breathing when awake, particularly if exercising or in hot weather, is also something that should alert you to this condition. Dogs whose breathing is noisy even at rest are almost certainly displaying symptoms of BOAS.

In many cases surgery is the approach taken for dogs suffering with BOAS. The treatment aims to correct the  issues that cause BOAS and provide the dog with a good and safe quality of life. It can be expensive though, costing in the region of £1,6402




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