Adopting your dream dog

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It is estimated that as many as 130,000 dogs find their way into UK rehoming centres every year through no fault of their own. That’s a lot of dogs all looking for a new home!

So, why adopt a dog from a charity or shelter?

By choosing to adopt you will be giving a dog a future, a forever home and an opportunity to live a happy life and in return you’ll gain a loyal canine companion and friend.

Shelter dog

These dogs will have already been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for worms and fleas. They will have had a vet check and you’ll have the on-going support of the staff after you take the dog home.

First, you’ll need to think about what type of dog will best fit into your lifestyle and how much time you have to offer a dog?

Can you afford vets fees, pet insurance and food?  Most rehoming centres and charities recommend that dogs are not left for any longer than 4 hours at a time.

Would this work with your lifestyle or would you need the use the services of doggy daycare or a dog walker? All are important considerations to think about in advance.

So how do you actually go about adopting your dream dog?

Do some research and find out about your local charities and centres. Most will post photos of dogs up for adoption on their website with a profile photo and info for you to view. If you see a dog you like the sound or look of, you can arrange to go and visit or register a note of interest.

The centre staff will talk to you, ask about lifestyle – do you have a dog already, is there a cat in the house, young children or teenagers.

You’ll get to visit and spend time with the dog, even take it for a walk. Some rehoming centres will even offer a home trial for a couple of days to see how you all get on together and will often carry out a home visit in advance to check that your property and garden is suitable for the particular dog you are interested in.

Dog in car

We’d always recommend visiting with an open mind. Don’t get too hung up on a particular type, colour or breed of dog.

You never know which dog may grab your attention or bond with you when you visit. Take guidance from the staff and they’ll help to match you with your dream canine companion.

For any further advice or guidance, please call the Scratch & Patch Careline on 0333 332 1926

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