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How is your cat feeling?

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Cats are notoriously hard to read and like things done on their own terms. Dogs turn on the charm with their facial expressions, using their puppy dog eyes when they are sad or looking for an extra treat. Cats can make facial expressions they are just not as easy for their humans to pick up.

Much like people, cats have their own personalities and react differently to various situations. The more time you spend with your cat, you will get to know them and understand how they might react and perceive a situation. Since their facial expressions are hard to decipher. We must use their use of tails, bodies, ears and eyes as indicators of how cats are feeling. Reading this you will find out that cats can show the same signs, but they mean different things in varying environments. That is why when analysing your cats’ reactions, you need to take their environment and situation into account.

How to tell if my cat is…

… angry and ready to fight

Cats, like most animals are driven by their prey instincts which is communicated through their body language. A cat that feels fearful will want to make themselves look larger and more intimidating. They will arch their backs, puff up their fur, lift their tail and stand sideways. Standing sideways indicates they might want to escape.

… open and inviting

When a cat is in the mood to receive some attention, they will give you an indication that this is how they are feeling. Cats tend to face the direction of where they want to go so if they are looking at you, in a normal stance with their tail lifted it indicates that they will be receptive towards you. While a cat with a lifted tail could mean they are preparing to fight, it could also mean they are feeling comfortable with you. This is when you need to assess their surroundings to gage how they might be feeling.

… anxious and fearful

When a cat is feeling fearful, they will try to make themselves look smaller to be less opposing to a threat. This position allows them to spring away from any danger that might come their way. A cat might choose to be in this position as it protects their bodies. It is likely that if you approach a cat while they are in this position they will run away from you.

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While a cat lying down stretched out they might look like they are relaxed and open, this might not always be the case. Many people have made this mistake and tried to stroke their cat only for it to be attacked by claws and teeth. Cats lying in this position can be relaxed and show signs that they are comfortable but this position can also be a defence mechanism.

All cats are different and will react differently when placed in a situation. The more you know your cat, the more you might know how they are going to react. We all want to keep our cats as safe as possible, but accidents and injury do happen. In the unfortunate event that accident or injury occur you want to be covered. Have a look at our wide range of cover level to find cover that suit and your cat the best.

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