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Animal behaviouralists

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Although we all give training our pets a good go at home, sometimes their behavioural problems persist and we might need some outside help. This is when the help of an animal behaviouralist might be required. Much like people, pets have their own personalities, habits and sense of humour that make them unique. Animal behaviouralists can’t change your pet’s personality but they can help to correct the behaviour and understand why your pet is acting the way they are.

What does an animal behaviouralist do?

They help to get to the root cause of your pet’s behaviour and what causes them to react to certain environments, actions or tones. They will analyse your pet and come up with a long-term custom made plan to modify and correct your pet’s behaviour.

How to find one that suits you?

When considering bringing a behaviouralist in you want it to be someone with experience and an education in the field. A qualified animal behaviouralist will have a certification and a registration with a respectable organisation.

You should always contact you vet when your pet starts showing changes in their behaviour. Underlying health issues, pain and discomfort can often lead to changes in personality or behaviour.

Famous animal behaviouralists

Not all animal behaviouralists deal with house pets, many have become household names working with various wild animals.

Jane Goodall


This name may sound familiar from films such as Gorilla’s in the Mist and Tarzan. To this day she is still considered to be the ultimate expert on all things chimpanzees. This is largely due to her research that she conducted for over 4 decades. She was the first person to ever get a PhD from Cambridge University without actually having an undergraduate degree. It was her lack of tertiary education that helped her as she noticed and payed close attention to details that other people in the field had missed.

Steve Irwin


This Australian had the world captivated with his enthusiastic personality and love for all things animals- snakes, reptiles, you name it! You might remember him from his hit TV show, “Crocodile Hunter”. His approached has been analysed by many across the world with varying opinions. Sir David Attenborough believes he is a natural communicator and what David says goes!

Lawrence Antony


He is best known for his 2003 endeavour into Iraq to rescue animals from the Bagdad Zoo. He was affectionately known as, “The Elephant Whisperer” for his work with rehabilitating elephants. He became very close with a herd of Elephants in Zululand, South Africa. It was here he founded his non-profit organisation that aided conservation around the world. It is said that when he died, a number of elephants came to his home to honour him as they would for any other elephant.

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