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Exercises to do with your dog as lockdown ends

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As Government restrictions are lifting and we are re-finding our freedom let’s not forget about the needs of our pets. We have all had to adapt to a new norm, so let’s try easing back into an exercise schedule to make post lock down life as easy as possible. It won’t only help our pet’s overall wellbeing but it will benefit ours too.

Take a moment to think about what you were doing different pre-lockdown, were you or your dog more active or less active?

If you have an activity tracker, take a moment to look back to January and February to see what your average daily step count was back then. If it was drastically different to now, let’s start increasing those steps again, but let’s do it gradually to avoid over exhaustion or injury.

Here are a few recommendations of other exercises you can do with your pet now restriction are being lifted, some you may have tried before and some might be new, but why not give them a go, there are so many health benefits for you and your fury friend too.

1. Wild Swimming
Most dogs love swimming, but the majority of the time they take a plunge in water we don’t quite fancy it. Why not go somewhere that’s pleasing for you both. Your dog loves play time with you, it would love to chase you up and down the lake, it’s the perfect way to bond. If your new to open water swimming here are a few tips to help you find where to go and what to look out for.

2. The long walk! (2hours+)
An obvious one. But now that cafes and other facilities are starting to re-open in parks, why not drive to your favourite park or wooded area and make a day of it. Ensuring both you and your fury friend get your steps up. You will both benefit by being in and around nature and experience different, smells, sights and sounds.

3. Get social
Meet up with friends or neighbours who have dogs and create an obstacle course in the park or garden. Dogs love to socialise and now meeting with other households is allowed in open air we might as well make the most of the British summer and plan to be outdoors. Coaxing dogs under and over obstacles can be both entertaining and great exercise for you both. Jumping over logs, running under fallen trees, running along a bench or through table legs, get creative and use your surroundings, but make sure you have some treats on hand.

4. HIIT in the park
Since fencing around playgrounds and gym equipment in parks has been officially taken away, what’s stopping you from taking the dog for a walk but including a short workout for yourself on whatever equipment you can find.Let’s keep it easy to remember for now.

  • Press ups
  • Bulgarian split squats
  • Step ups

These can all be done on a raised surface – just pop them together with something to get the heart rate up and you have a ready-made, gym free circuit workout.

  1. 20 x raised press ups
  2. 20 x Bulgarian split squats on each side
  3. 20 x Step ups leading with one leg – then switch to 20 on the other
  4. 1 minute of burpees, or a 20-30 seconds sprint with your dog by your side
  5. And finish with a 1 minute plank.

Repeat this circuit 2-3 times for a quick and easy full body workout whilst your fury companion jumps around by your side. If you really do fancy a challenge walk to the park with some light weights 3-5kg. Even the walk there will be a bit of a challenge.

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