Best pet care tips from our favourite UK Instagram influencers

from Instagram's most popular pets

We’re always looking to share the best tips for looking after the nation’s 4-legged friends, and who better to ask than pet owners themselves! We’ve asked some of the most followed pet accounts on Instagram to share their top tips on pet care for their little stars.

The advice we received covered home care, health, exercise, socialisation and feeding giving a wealth of great advice that you can use in your pet care routines. Currently there are around 200,000 Instagram users following the different accounts we asked and getting inspired by these 4-legged friends every day.

Home Care

At home we ensure to provide Dante with as much comfort as possible. By comfort we don’t mean toys or any type of luxury. We mean ensuring the things essential for his wellbeing are checked on a constant basis- His litter as clean as possible, fresh water at all times, teeth hygiene to avoid any gum issues in the future and ensuring we are brushing his coat regularly so he doesn’t get many hair balls due the fact that cats clean themselves daily.


Maintaining their Health

This is so important for us. We ensure we take Dante twice a year to the Vet for regular check-ups. We already do regular tick and flea treatments but we like to take him to make sure he is in the best optimal condition and we are not missing any signs of bigger problems.


We lost our other pug – Lilly’s sister and best friend Daisy – to cancer at just 3 years old despite taking her as soon as the lump appeared that wasn’t enough for us. We like to try and take good from a bad situation and use our experience to help raise awareness and help others where we can. With lumps and bumps you can never be too careful always get them checked it’s really not worth the risk of leaving them. 9 times out of 10 it’ll be nothing but why chance it?


Socialising and Training

On a happier note if you’re lucky enough to have a local dog meet group I’d highly recommend going along to them it’s great not only for the dogs to socialise but you too. We’ve made great friends through going to pug and dog meets, we’ve met like minded people who love their dogs just as much as we love ours.


Barnaby loves doing tricks. Build a great relationship with your dog by spending 10 minutes a day training them. Whether it be teaching them a new trick, practicing old tricks or just having a go with them over a home made agility kit in the garden! It doesn’t have to be a long time, but just focused time when you are 1 on 1 with your dog. They will love you all the more for it!


Feeding, Treats and Nutrition

A healthy food, regular food and playtime to keep them mentally stimulated


We also never leave the house without Lilly’s favourite treats “The Dog House Random Rewards”. They come in a little tin and as soon as you shake that Lilly is putty in your hands, she’ll do anything for a treat. So I’d highly recommend when training your dog to get something similar it helped us no end when we trained Lilly. Another good hack is if you’re training or like to reward your dog but are worried about weight gain is to break treats into tiny bits, they are non the wiser and still think they are getting a reward.


Feeding your cats with balanced food means that it contains the perfect nutrient profile with all essential macros, vitamins and minerals. With Dante we have decided to go back to the roots and get him into raw food. Since cats are carnivores, it is expected that they need foods rich in animal protein to stay healthy and we couldn’t be happier! How quick he transition was proof to us this is how he should have been eating from day one. Best decision ever.


“Pets are humanising. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life”

-James Cromwell

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