10 Breeds that are Gentle Giants

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Appearances can often be deceptive, sometimes large dogs can be seen as scary or intimidating, particularly to young children, but deep down they have a heart of gold and are great family pets. With the right training and socialisation from a young age they are lovely pets to own.

1. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are great watchdogs and family protectors – you’ll often see them used by the police as sniffer dogs. This is largely because they are considered to be one of the smartest dog breeds around. They are extremely loyal to their owners and love being around their families. They are very affectionate to the people they know but they are, however, wary of strangers.

Alsatians love physical contact and will often try and sit near to you, if not on your lap. Make sure they have enough space to run and play to release some of their energy as they have a lot of it.

German Shepherd

2. Great Dane

These dogs are best known for their size, as their name suggests. They are the epitome of, “Gentle Giants”. They are very loving towards everyone which makes them a great family pet to have. Due to their size they do take up a lot of space and need a lot of exercise. When taking a Great Dane for a walk you can never really be sure if the person is taking the dog for a walk or the other way around!

Great Dane

3. Bullmastiff

While they are wary of strangers, they love and are very protective of their families. They are very relaxed, calm and not known for barking excessively so much so they have gained the nickname “silent watchdogs”. They may not bark but what they lack in noise they make up for with their drool. You will almost always know where they have been as their slobber will be there to prove it.


4. Boxer

Boxer’s definitely have a strong and powerful look giving the impression of being somewhat intimidating. While they are protective, they’re very patient which makes them a good family pet. They will protect their family at all costs. It is beneficial to socialise them from a young age with many different people and dogs, so they get used to being comfortable around strangers.

5. Bulldog

Despite their stocky build, these dogs are friendly, easy going and lovable. They love to curl up on the couch with their owners. Bulldogs are easy to train, they enjoy getting out and playing but, like other short snouted dogs they are very susceptible to overheating. When the weather is warm, it’s important to monitor them, ensuring they are kept hydrated and cool.


6. Newfoundland

These are certainly large dogs, they can weigh up to 150 pounds. Their big bones, large body and thick coat certainly add to their size. They might be large but they have a heart of gold. They have a good temperament and are part of the “nanny dog” group because they are so patient with children.


7. Irish Wolfhound

This is the tallest dog breed there is towering at around 3 feet tall. Their size alone can make them look intimidating. Despite their looks, they too are “Gentle Giants”. They are very calm and gentle making them a great addition to any family.

Irish Wolfhound

8. Doberman

Doberman’s were bred for protection purposes as it is an inherent trait they possess. In fact, they were first bred by a German tax collector as protection while on his rounds.

Despite this they are loyal, loving and affectionate. They are good with children if they have been raised around them and are used to it. Although, most Dobermans are better with older children that understand how to be around animals a bit more. They have been known to form a strong bond with one specific person who will become a definite favourite. They are also found in the top 10 list of most intelligent dog breeds.

9. Dogue de Bordeaux

Another name for them is a French Mastiff. Being large dogs in weight and height, they might look unapproachable but in actual fact they are one of the kindest breeds you can get. They form very strong attachments with their families and will become devoted to them. They do have stubborn tendencies and could dominate their owners if they are not properly trained as a puppy.

Dogue de Bordeaux

10. Husky

These energetic dogs are a great family pet. They are well known for their piercing eyes and thick coats. They were bred to be pack dogs and love being part of their family who they see as their “pack”. They are also very social and will be friendly towards other dogs. They are very energetic and will need lots of space to run and play.


All of these dogs have at least one thing in common; love, affection and protection for the family that care for them. Protect them back by covering them for any unforeseen accidents or illnesses with our dog insurance cover.

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