Pets and their Mischievous ways

We asked some of our members their funniest stories about the pets

We love hearing about your pets and the smiles they bring to their families. We asked some of our members about the funny stories that had to share about their pets. Have a look at what they have to say, it will definitely put a smile on your face.

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Hugo is quite the character. He loves flowers, often when walking past gardens if we don’t distract him quick enough he will grab the flowers as we are walking past, he stores them in his mouth and spits them out at the front door.

 He plays football by actually using his paws to move the ball, the boy has some serious skills.

Rocco and Cannon once both tried to sneak up on a bird that was in a garden, the bird then started walking and flew off which startled them both and they quickly turned around and ran off back into the house.

Numerous times we have caught them on the patio table barking over the fence to get the neighbours attention for one of their “special” treats (cheeky)

As soon as you mention a bath to Rocco he is straight upstairs and jumps in the bath himself.

He is absolutely obsessed with dog sausages and will literally do anything for them. We can’t even say the letter “S” without him being right in your face.

Sam, our working dog lives in a large kennel outside. One afternoon I was beside myself searching for Coco, I was convinced she had escaped. Sam was happily sleeping in his kennel. Om closer inspection I noticed a little brown bundle looking up at me and feeling sorry for herself. She squeezed underneath the kennel and couldn’t get out.

Meet Jill & Coco

The next door neighbours also have young children who love to play with Trixie when she pops in their garden. Recently they were taking their toddler to his room for a nap when they found Trixie in his cot! Luckily they like her, but she is very cheeky and we are fairly sure they are other neighbours houses she frequents too.

Meet Maddy, Annie & Trixie 


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