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Judith and Zara

Member name: Judith

Pet name: Zara

Pet breed: Moggie

Pet age: 4 years

What made you get Zara in the first place?

I’ve always loved cats, I grew up at my parents house with a cat called Gizmo who passed away at the grand age of 21. Since then, my Mum has adopted two ginger cats, they’re brothers called Jaffa and Jasper. It was them that convinced my husband to let us get Zara.

How did you choose Zara?

We wanted to adopt a cat rather than go for more specialist breeds like Siamese or Bengals, we went to see Cats Protection and they helped us to find Zara.

What is the most rewarding thing you have found about owning a pet?

They make you smile more often! Even when Zara’s not really doing much, just her company in the room makes us feel happy. She gives us so much happiness particularly when she climbs on to a lap for snuggles. She has certainly won over my husband too!

Have you encountered any problems (illnesses, behavioural, social) with your pet?

Luckily we’ve not had anything serious with Zara, probably because she’s still relatively young. She has been spayed and vaccinated regularly which seems to have kept any illnesses at bay. We have insurance for her just in case anything unforeseen takes place. Behaviourally, she does have a tendency to leave us a few ‘presents’ around the house but we hope that’s a phase.

What is your top tip for people thinking about adding a pet to their family?

Create a steady and stable routine, cats can be quite sensitive when it comes to changes in their environment or their eating habits etc. Trying to get a routine makes them more comfortable and a happier time for them and you.

Do you have any funny stories to share with us about Zara?

When Zara was a kitten she had a fascination with our net curtains in our lounge. When my husband and I were out our neighbours used to see her clambering up the net curtains to the top. She even used to do it whilst we were in the house and we were forever getting her back down. She quickly destroyed those net curtains and now we’ve had to opt for blinds!

Zara sleep
Zara on worktop
Zara cuddle
Zara in box
Zara on lap

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