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Meet Kelvin and Percy &Patsy

Member name: Kelvin

Pet Name: Percy & Patsy

Pet Breed: Moggie

Pet Age: 2 1/2 & 2

1. What made you get your cats in the first place?

We had previously had 2 British Shorthairs and lost them during 2015-2016. After a couple of years, we decided we missed having cats around so we visited the RSPCA and took on these two rescues.

2. Why did you choose these cats?

Just picked two cats that we liked the look of! Percy was very friendly and Pat had been ill-treated and had lost her tail, she looked very sad! We like to have two

3. What is the most rewarding thing you have found about owning a pet?

Cats make you laugh. They have attitude and pretend they don’t need humans and then realise without us they don’t eat.

4. Have you encountered any problems (illnesses, behavioural, social) with either of your cats?

Percy has always been adventurous and a wanderer – right up to the day he got run over by a car! He lost a hind leg but he copes well and it’s calmed him down a lot.

5. What is your top tip for people thinking about adding a pet to their family?

Consider what you’re going to do when you go on holiday.

6. Do you have any funny stories to share with us about your cats?

Our friends now tease us and say we could build one good cat out of the two and have a decent amount of spare parts left!

cat on fence
cat on chair
cat in the garden

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