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Mandy, Teddy & Stanley

Member name: Mandy

Pet name: Teddy & Stanley

Pet breed: Shih Tzu and Jack Russell

Pet age: 22 months and 20 months

What made you get your pets in the first place?

My dog passed away in January 2018 and we needed to fill the huge dog shaped hole in our home

How did you choose those breeds?

Never actually wanted a shih tzu but my old school friend knew my Bob had passed away so asked me if we wanted Ed her 4 month old dog. We went and had a look and fell in love. We chose a Jack Russell as I’ve owned them since the year 2000 and can’t live without them

What is the most rewarding thing you have found about owning a pet?

They’re non judgmental and bring love and laughter to our lives every day

Have you encountered any problems (illnesses, behavioural, social) with your pet?

Teddy had severe sickness during the coronavirus lockdown

What is your top tip for people thinking about adding a pet to their family?

Decide what your reasons are for adding a pet to your family and make sure you can fulfil their every need

Do you have any funny stories to share with us about your pets?

My Billy, who passed away in 2016, was a terrible thief for people’s picnics on our walks

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